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When an order has been placed, we gather and weigh the beans and add them to our roasting machine.  We roast our coffee over open flame to better control the process. During the roasting, we visually monitor the beans, especially after first crack.  Once first crack occurs, we visually monitor the beans continually in order to accomplish dropping the beans at the precise roast you ordered.  Beans tend to continue roasting even after they are dropped and while cooling, so we make sure to drop them a little lighter than the your order, so as to achieve the closest desired roast. 

Once they are dropped, they are mechanically stirred very slowly and air cooled through a vacuum in the machine.  Once the beans are cool, we weigh out the beans to make sure the correct weight is going into the bag as you ordered. We label and mark the bag, fill with the ordered beans, insert an oxygen absorber and heat seal the top of the bag after closing it up.  Carbon dioxide will continue to be released, so each bag has a vent to release those gasses.
This entire process not only creates the perfect roast for your specified taste, but allows the beans to be delivered to your doorstep smelling and tasting as fresh as they were when packaged for you.

Customized Roasting